How to create a file upload form in WordPress

While the free version of Shared Files offers an easy way to list downloadable files on your site, you may want to allow visitors or logged in users to upload files themself.

It’s easy to create a file upload form using Shared Files PRO. Just insert the shortcode [shared_files file_upload=1] to any page and the file upload form in it’s basic form appears:

By using the shortcode [shared_files file_upload=1 category_checkboxes=1 tag_checkboxes=1] you can add checkboxes for categories and tags:

List of files under the file upload form

When you add the file upload form using the shortcode [shared_files file_upload=1], there are other files listed under the form.

By using the parameter “only_uploaded_files” the shortcode [shared_files only_uploaded_files=1 file_upload=1] lists only such files that are added using that form.

If you would like to have no files listed at all and only the file upload form, you can use this shortcode: [shared_files file_upload=1 hide_file_list=1]. Then the files will be added to the file management for the administrator to handle.

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Shared Files PRO

The Pro version has some additional features, and is actively developed based on feedback from users.

Some of the features in the Pro version are:

  • Upload files using FTP and activate them with a single click
  • Sort files into categories
  • Fast search targeting file names and descriptions
  • File load counter
  • Bandwidth usage estimate
  • Alternatively define an external URL for file and track those loads
  • Optionally receive an email notify when a file is downloaded
  • Password protected files
  • Set expiration date to a file
  • Limit number of downloads per file
  • Front-end file uploader
  • Multi-file uploader
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