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Seamless Sharing Effortless Downloads

Best WordPress Plugin for Sharing Downloadable Files

  • Password Protected Files
  • Front-End Upload
  • YouTube Videos in a Lightbox
  • Easily Manageable
  • Categorized Files
  • Restrict files by User Role
  • 20+ File Types
  • Email Notifications

Key benefits

  • Easily Manageable

    Effortlessly separates your files from media library. Making file management easier than it has ever been

  • Front End Upload

    Seamless file uploading through both a powerful file management system and a user-friendly front-end uploader.

  • Supports 20+ File types

    Watch images and videos pop in a sleek lightbox, while seamlessly browsing other supported files in the blink of an eye

  • Password Protected Files

    Secure your confidential data! With this download manager plugin assign passwords to any file or folder, Fully control over who can access your information.

  • Categorized Files

    Easily organize your files into categories and sub-categories, giving your customers a better experience and helping you keep your file downloads more organized.

  • Countdown Page for Downloads

    Wait Countdown Page for downloads – Process all downloads through a single page

More features

Password Protected Files

Add password protection to your uploads, ensuring that only authorized users can access and view your valuable content. Enhance security, maintain confidentiality, and take complete control of your website's file management

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Limit Number of Downloads Per File

Have complete control over your files by limiting the number of downloads per file. With this powerful feature, you can ensure that your content remains exclusive, and maintains a sense of urgency for time-sensitive materials.

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YouTube Videos in a Lightbox

Take your user experience to the next level by seamlessly incorporating captivating YouTube videos into a beautiful and responsive Lightbox. Captivate your visitors, keep them engaged, and provide them with an immersive viewing experience right within your website. No more redirecting users to external platforms.

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Front-End File Editor

Upgrade your file management workflow today and unlock the power of Front-End File Editor. Say goodbye to cumbersome back-end processes and embrace seamless file editing directly from your website's front-end. Effortlessly modify, update, and manage your downloadable files with just a few clicks.

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Restrict File Opening to User Roles

Control who can download and view your embedded files based on specific user roles. With Shared Files Pro you can customize file permissions, protect valuable resources, and ensure a personalized experience for each user role.

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Available plans

Feature FreeFree PersonalPer. ProfessionalPro BusinessBus.
Fast search targeting file names and descriptions
File load counter
Front-end file uploader
Collect YouTube video URLs using the front end file uploader
Files separated from media library
Open images and YouTube-videos in a lightbox
Open local video files using a video player in a lightbox (mp4, webm, ogg, mov)
Preview certain file types in the browser
High quality SVG icons for 25 different file types
Custom icons for various file types
Add tags to files
WordPress Multisite compatible
List any kind of shared files easily
Search filters based on categories and tags
Front-end file uploader with more features
Multi-file uploader
Front-end file editor: allow any user roles to edit files from the front-end
Last access timestamp
Bandwidth usage estimate
Restrict file opening permissions to users and roles
Wait countdown page for downloads
Visitors can upload files to new categories
Upload files using FTP and activate them with a single click
Activate files from Media Library
3 custom fields
Sort files into categories or custom tags
Alternatively define an external URL for file and track those loads
Receive an email notify when a file is downloaded or uploaded
Password protected files
Set expiration date to a file
Limit number of downloads per file
Restrict file opening permissions to users and roles
The shortcode [shared_files_restricted]
The shortcode [shared_files_accordion]
The shortcode [shared_files_exact_search]
5 custom fields
Search filters based on custom field data
Single pages for files
Show files in site search results
More settings and shortcodes
Any number of custom fields
Favorite files for logged in and/or non-logged in users
Wait countdown page for downloads
Help for CSS changes on your site

See what our customers have to say about us

Great support

Batch upload files is Perfect for my site. Very useful.

Ping Isaac

Easy to use and good organizational skills

It is a easy to use plug-in, well integrated in the editing windows of posts or pages WP. You can categorize your documents for better findability.

Antonio Atalaia

Great Support

Very useful and perfect for our site.

Cindy Tan

Met expectations!

Recommend for personal or professional use

Grupo ABCD de Jornais

SO helpful for a photographer to deliver images privately

We needed a way that photo subjects could: — find their photo via search — have passworded pages — not see anyone else’s photo (so a group gallery was out) — upload and share photos in bulk (not creating a bunch of galleries manually) — easy to implement on our WP site Shared Files has save us SO much work. And the developer is incredibly responsive. Even though we are just on a one month trial, he responded to a request fast, and even implemented a change in two days, so that we could present this system to a huge client of ours. If you are a photographer, check this plug-in out.

Ken Huth

Awesome Plugin

Really enjoy using it. Great support from the author.

Alan Gautham

Lots of features

I was able to easily setup and start using. I have had great response to my questions and requests.

Justin Broughton

Useful and excellent support

I finally gave up on WP Download Manager after their updates regularly broke my site. Looking for a simple, robust replacement I settled on Shared Files. So far, so good. I had one issue where the key wasn’t accepted and the site downgraded from Pro to the free version silently, but this was resolved in minutes by support. They have been quick, friendly and responsive. Highly recommended so far.

Bernie Smith

Looks and works great!

Great looking and easy to use plugin. Impressed with the fast turnaround on support!

Jacqueline Cullimore

Very easy to use

Easy to setup and use

Einar Einsrud

Very useful and effective plugin

Shared Files is exactly what I needed to generate a members file sharing page on my Wordpress website. In addition, the creator is very responsive to inquiries and willing to keep improving the product for those who use it.

Erik Gallick

Great Plugin

Tried a few file management type modules, this is the only one that ticked all the boxes for our use case. Great price, great support.


Very Useful

Perfect plug-in, helps to upload documents in front end also helps logged in users to upload the files

Ahmed Selvaraj

Good for sharing files

Easy to implement and use.

Thomas Samson

Great Plugin

So far so good. Plugin Author has been very responsive and has even updated the plugin to include a new needed feature!

Justin Cox

Wonderful, simple and light

I was one of the first users of this fantastic plugin, simple and light. I believed it so much that I completely translated it into Italian. Congratulations to the author.

Luciano Del Fico


Excellent plugin